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Palestinian and Int. activists removed from Dead Sea site by force

Palestinian, Israeli and international activists take over a building in Kalia beach in the West Bank, protesting against Israeli annexation plans of the West Bank and the restrictions imposed on Palestinians to access natural resources.

Several Palestinian, Israeli and international activists holding a sit-in at a location on the shore of the northern Dead Sea today were assaulted and removed by force by

Israeli occupation soldiers, according to witnesses.

The activists from the popular resistance movement were protesting statements by israeli occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he declared his intention to annex the occupied Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea.

Soldiers broke into the site known as Kalia and forcefully removed the activists who occupied the rooftop of a building on the site and raised the Palestinian flag on it declaring it as part of the Palestinian territory.

Several activists were injured when the soldiers assaulted them and detained others, who were later released and told not to return to the site.