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Israeli occupation settler attacks against Palestinians on the rise

The Israeli occupation settlers carried out eight attacks in the first two weeks of September that resulted in two Palestinian injuries and damage to property, amid preparations for the olive harvest season, bringing the total settler-related incidents so far this year to 233, including 52 that resulted in injuries to Palestinians.

According to this report, so far this year, over 4,870 olive trees have been vandalized by settlers.

In addition to settler vandalism of Palestinian property, the Israeli occupation authorities demolished a total of 23 Palestinian-owned structures in Area C of the West Bank and East Jerusalem on the grounds of a lack of Israeli-issued permits, displacing 29 people.

In East Jerusalem, eight structures, including two buildings under construction, were demolished in an area close to the separation barrier. Israeli occu[ation forces also seized materials provided as assistance to the As Safeer community in the Hebron district, located in the closed area behind the barrier, for the rehabilitation of residential structures.