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Israel to turn over corpses of two Palestinians its army has been holding for months

The Israeli occupation army is going to turn over to their families tomorrow corpses of two Palestinians it has been withholding for months, today said the Civil Affairs Commission of the Palestinian Authority.

It said the corpse of Nasim Abu Roumi, 14, from Izzariyeh, east of Jerusalem, and who was shot dead by Israeli police in the middle of August in Jerusalem’s Old City, will be returned to his family for proper burial in his hometown.

The other corpse belongs to Omar Younis, 20, from Siniria village in the northern West Bank district of Qalqilya, who died on April 27 at an Israeli hospital, a week after he was shot and injured at Zaatara checkpoint in the north of the West Bank.

Israel is still holding dozens of corpses of Palestinians killed by its forces.

The Israeli occupation Supreme Court recently gave the army the green light to keep bodies of dead Palestinians and use them as a bargaining chip in future exchange negotiations with Palestinian political factions.