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CAMERA criticizing CBS’s news site for calling Gaza Strip “Israeli-Occupied”

CAMERA, Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis, has criticized CBS’s news site for calling Gaza Strip “Israeli-Occupied.”

CAMERA has stated that CBS’s news site erroneously reports that the Gaza Strip is Israeli-occupied in an article published in August and that the article errs: “The Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip is controlled by the Hamas group, which is also supported by Iran.”

“In fact, Israel ended the occupation of the Gaza Strip in 2005, when it withdrew every last soldier and civilian from the territory. The only two Israelis known to be in the territory are two mentally-challenged civilians held hostage by Hamas which denies them visits from the International Red Cross, in violation of international law,” CAMERA explained.

It also mentioned that a number of experts of international have long argued that Israel does not occupy the Gaza Strip as George Mason, Law professor Eugene Kontorovich, who makes clear that he disagrees with the view that Gaza is occupied.

While CAMERA denying that Gaza Strip is not Israeli-Occupied, Amnesty International, the United Nations, and Human Rights Watch regard the Gaza Strip as occupied.

Also, most Palestinians see Gaza as part of the territories occupied by Israel. They also say the coastal enclave is under siege, with Israel controlling who and what goes in and out.

The United Nations also calls Gaza occupied territory, most recently in a report commissioned by the U.N. Human Rights Council that concluded that both Israel and armed Palestinian factions in Gaza may have committed war crimes. The United Nations says it does not matter that Israeli soldiers are not based inside the strip; they have “effective control.”

It’s important to mention that many studies have shown that there’s a strong pro-Israel bias in western media.

For example, the coverage of the events of May 14, when the Israeli army killed sixty Palestinians and injured thousands more in Gaza during the Great March of Return, provides a depressing snapshot of the Western media’s treatment of the conflict and its bias to Israel. The cover of the events of May 14 focused on a Palestinian boy with a slingshot that is presumably aimed at Israeli soldiers rather than focusing on the shooting and killing of mostly unarmed civilians protesting against the inhumane and illegal blockade of Gaza.

Israel is assumed to be good and peaceful. The Palestinians, meanwhile, are backward, violent, and foreign. These are the assumptions that most western news headlines start with.