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Several explosions took place in Gaza Strip last night

3 Plaestinians were killed and others seriously injuried in explosions in several areas in Gaza strip, which targeted police chickpoints last night.

The first explosion occured near Dahdouh junction in southern Gaza, killing two Palestinian policemen identified as Salameh Majed Nadim (32 years old) and Alaa Zyad Gharabli (32 years old). Other 2 men and one woman were wounded.

The other explosion, less than an hour later, took place near a security checkpoint in Sheikh Ijleen area in western Gaza, killing another policeman identified as Wael Khlaifa (45 years old).

The Israeli occupation has denied the responsibility for these explosions, and Gaza’s Interior Ministry stated that the police arrested a number of suspects as a part of the investigation.

“The sinful hands that carried out this crime will not escape punishment,” said Iyad Al-Bozom, the interior ministry spokesman.

It’s necessary to mention that Alaa Gharabli’s two brothers, Baha’ and Ahed, were also killed during the Israeli wars on Gaza strip in 2008 and 2014.

Hamas also stated that more details will be published after it completes the investiagtions.