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Israeli occupation forces destroy school roads in West Bank village

Israeli occupation forces bulldozers destroyed today a road the al-Tira village council had opened a year ago to facilitate movement of students to their school and back as well as movement of residents in general, according to Abdul Jaber Mohammad, head of al-Tira village council located to west of Ramallah.

Israeli bulldozers razed the road that was rehabilitated about one year ago in order to make it easy for village residents to go to their lands and for students to reach their school located near a major highway, noting that Israeli occupation forces declared the area a closed military zone and prevented people from accessing it before proceeding to destroy the road.

Mohammad said that the 800-meter long road helped students arrive at their school in a short time after they had to use a longer, more dangerous road located alongside Israeli occupation forces controlled apartheid wall.

He stressed Israel wants to build a road in that area to connect the illegal Israeli settlement of Beit Horon to the highway that connects Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.