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VIDEO : Israeli forces attack pro-prisoners protest at Ofer military camp; detain one

The Israeli occupation forces attacked this morning a protest conducted by by Birzeit University students outside the Israeli Ofer military camp and prison near Ramallah held in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

He said soldiers based at the camp fired teargas and stun grenades at the students forcing them to scramble and detained one person after beating him up.

The Birzeit student council called for the demonstration in support of several prisoners who are on hunger strike demanding their release from an open-ended administrative detention which keeps them behind bars without charge or trial.

According to the Palestinian Prisoner Society, eight Palestinians held in administrative detention are currently on hunger strike, the longest is Huthayfa Halabieh, 28, from Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem, who has been on strike for 53 days, followed by Ahmad Ghannam, 42, from Dura in the Hebron district, who has been on strike for 40 days, Sultan Khlouf, 38, from Burqin in Jenin district, 36 days, Ismail Ali, 30, from Abu Dis, 30 days, Wajdi Awawdeh, 20, from Dura, 25 days, Tareq Qadan, 46, from Jenin, 23 days, Nasser al-Jada, 30, from Burqin, 16 days, and Thayer Hamdan, 21, from Beit Sira near Ramallah, 11 days.