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Palestinian prisoner completes 50 days of hunger strike against his administrative detention

Palestinian prisoner, Huthayfa Halabiyeh, 28, has completed 50 days of hunger strike protesting his detention in Israeli prisons without charge or trial, today said the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS).

Halabiyeh, from Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem, has been held in administrative detention for over one year. He was detained on June 10 of last year and placed in administrative detention for six months, renewed again for another six month and then again another four months.

Halabiyeh, said the PPS, has been moved around prisons since he embarked on his hunger strike as a punishment and in order to break him.

In addition to Halabiyeh, seven other Palestinians held in administrative detention are currently on hunger strike demanding an end to the arbitrary and open-ended detention and to set a specific date for their release.

These include: Ahmad Ghannam, from Hebron district, on strike for 37 days, Sultan Khlouf, 33 days, Ismail Ali, 27, Wajdi Awawdeh, 22 days, Tareq Qadan, 20 days, Nasser Jada, 13 days, and Thaer Hamdan, eight days.