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Israel to demolish several structures in Jerusalem neighborhood

The Israeli occupation forces of West Jerusalem delivered today demolition orders for several Palestinian structures in Issawiyeh neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem, according to local sources.

The Israeli occupation forces handed several Palestinian residents of Issawiyeh demolition orders under the pretext of building without permits.

For the residents of Issawiyeh, a Palestinian village of some 20,000, and other parts of occupied East Jerusalem, military raids and building demolitions are a daily reality.

The village is plagued by poor infrastructure and residents, who are constantly harassed by the Israeli Border Police and anyone, including children, run the risk of arbitrary arrest.

Using the pretext of illegal building, Israel demolishes houses on a regular basis to restrict Palestinian expansion in occupied Jerusalem.

At the same time, the municipality and government build tens of thousands of housing units in illegal settlements in East Jerusalem for Jews with a goal to offset the demographic balance in favor of the Jewish settlers in the occupied city.