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Hanna applauds Marches of Return rallies in Gaza

Father Atallah Hanna has said that the March of Return rallies in the Gaza Strip are aimed at declaring and affirming that the Palestinian people are adherent to their national rights and constants, especially the inalienable right of return.

“The message of the March of Return rallies is addressed to the Arab nation, friends and the world’s free people and it says that the Palestinian people will never cede their attachment to this land, and that Jerusalem is their destination, their capital and the incubator of their most important Islamic and Christian holy sites,” Hanna, the Archbishop of the Palestinian Orthodox Church in Occupied Jerusalem, told a local radio station on Saturday.

The Archbishop paid tribute to the Higher National Commission for the March of Return and Breaking the Siege for organizing such rallies and to the Palestinian citizens in Gaza for their steadfastness in the face of the Israeli blockade and aggression.

“We believe that the message sent by our people through these marches asserts their attachment to the land, identity, Jerusalem and holy sites and their rejection of the deal of the century and all suspicious projects aimed at liquidating our national cause,” Hanna said.

“From Jerusalem, we send our regards and faithfulness to the return marches, recalling the martyrs and wishing a recovery for the wounded. We also call for removing the unjust siege that has made Gaza the largest prison in the world,” he added.