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Why Great Return March ?!

Gaza Responds (1)

 Do you know that the average of unemployment have approximately reached 49% of youth in the Gaza Strip and the average of poverty is about 65% ?! Do you even know that 38% of the families in Gaza are living under the poverty line? Talents, abilities, and even hopes are being devastated and destroyed by the unjust siege that is imposed on the Gaza Strip. Rights are being violated, and dreams are being harshly crushed. This is how people in Gaza live with suffering along with distorted dreams and denied rights. A great number of students are deprived of completing their journey of knowledge abroad because of the siege. Moving to the sector of health, 30% of medicine that the ministry of health needs all the time is not available anymore. A severe shortage of medical supplies that Gaza witnesses caused many death cases on a descending scale. On the other hand, 90% of the beach in Gaza is too polluted to swim since the frequent power outages cause the wastewater to be directly pumped to the sea without even recycling it. This came all as a result of the unjustified siege which is imposed on Gaza without any merciful means. #WhyGreatReturnMarch? Birds Without Borders Team – Palestine