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Report: Residents exhume Saddam Hussein grave, removed his body to unknown location

Speculations over the fate of the body of Iraq’s former President, Saddam Hussein, have resurfaced again with new reports claiming that the residents of al-Awja village near the northern city of Tikrit, the birthplace and the burial site of the Iraqi strongman have exhumed his grave and moved his body to a secret location.

The Al-Arabiya news site quoted an unnamed Iraqi source as saying that the residents knew that the Shia paramilitaries of the Hashed al-Shaabi coalition were planning to bomb the grave during operations to retake the village from the Daesh militant group and therefore they exhumed the tomb of Saddam Hussein as well as both his sons, Qusai and Odai and took them to an unknown place.

In 2015, the tomb of Saddam Hussein was destroyed in an Iraqi airstrike carried out by the Hashed al-Shaabi coalition, who were tasked with securing the location, however, it is now believed that the tomb was empty after the residents moved the bodies buried in it.