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Video: Exact Moment The Stromboli Volcano Erupted

The terrifying moment a volcano erupts on an Italian holiday island has been revealed, as footage emerges showing the how the blast took place.

Frightened tourists fled as the volcano on Stromboli erupted on Wednesday afternoon killing a 35-year-old hiker from Sicily.

The eruptions were described as some of the biggest ever recorded on the island sending lava spewing from ‘all the active mouths of the crater.’

Now the moment the eruption took place has been revealed, after video taken by a passing yacht emerged showing thick clouds of smoke rising into the sky.

In the footage, frightened onlookers can be heard saying ‘oh my God’ and ‘stay far away’ as the sky fills with ash – billowing more than a mile into the sky.

Amid the terror of the blasts, around 30 tourists threw themselves into the sea for safety following the eruption, according to Italy’s ANSA news agency.

Lava spewed from the volcano’s vents and burning chunks of rock were sent flying – one of which struck and killed 35-year-old Sicilian Massimo Imbesi.

His Brazilian walking companion, who has not been named, was left in shock, emergency services said. Around 1,000 tourists fled the island.

Holidaymaker Alana Elliot, 31, from Bethnal Green, east London, was relaxing on the beach on a neighboring island when she heard the blast.

‘We heard a really loud boom as though thunder and lightning had struck right next to us and saw people running along the beach,’ she said.

‘You can see Stromboli from the bay and there was a big mushroom cloud erupting – it looked like a nuke.’