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Video: Time-lapse footage captures lightning storm with epic Milky Way backdrop in Australia

Time-lapse footage from the Chiltern Valley, Victoria caught an epic sight of the Milky Way above a lightning storm bringing incandescent colors to the rural area.

Astrophotographer, Patrick Guerrisi, from Melbourne was surprised after he left his camera on for eight hours to find that not only the Milky Way was caught on camera but also a lightning storm.

Guerrisi explained: “I captured when I went away in country Victoria with family for a weekend.

“The area has nearly zero city lights so the stars looked absolutely spectacular even with the naked eye.

“I have never seen so many stars lighting up the sky like a Christmas tree before.

“I set my camera up outside in hopes to get a cool Milkyway time-lapse and went to sleep, I was not expecting a lightning storm to enhance it.

“I actually thought it would of ruin my time-lapse!”

The footage was captured on February 5.