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Sabri: ‘Deal of the century’ will fail

Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Ekrema Sabri said yesterday that the US plan to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, known as the “deal of the century”, will fail.

“The damned deal of the century is an American-Zionist plan that aims to remove the city of Jerusalem from any talks,” Sarbi said, according to Anadolu Agency.

In addition, Sabri said that the plan aims to cancel the right of return for Palestinian refugees and settle them in host countries.

He added: “The deal aims to keep the settlements and the Jordan Valley under the control of the Israeli occupation, the Palestinian land to remain unarmed and Abu-Dis to be the capital of the mini-state of Palestine.”

Sabri wondered: “Does this damned deal solve the Palestinian problem? It is a massive deal which is larger than all previous conspiracies. What would remain for the Palestinians after it?”

He concluded: “This damned plan will fail, God willing.”

All the Palestinian factions and the PA have announced their opposition to the “deal of the century”, calling for reconciliation between the various groups to combat the plan.