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Comprehensive strike next Tuesday in Gaza

The Higher Commission for March of Return and Breaking the Siege has called on the Palestinian masses in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank to actively participate in events and rallies to be held during the current week against the Bahrain economic workshop slated for June 25-26.

In a news conference held at the end of the March of Return rallies on Friday evening, a spokesperson for the Commission said a national conference and a general strike would take place next Tuesday in Gaza to denounce the Manama workshop.

Next Wednesday will also see massive marches and a national conference to express the Palestinian people’s rejection of the deal of the century and its economic conference in Bahrain, the spokesperson announced.

The spokesperson noted that the March of Return rallies next Friday would be staged under the slogan “Down with the Bahrain conference.”

A conference called the Bahrain economic workshop will kick off during the current week in Manama, during which the US administration will announce the economic provisions of its peace plan (the deal of the century).

Little is known about the political components of the peace plan, but president Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, one of the authors of the plan, affirmed in April that the plan would not focus on the two-state solution.

“If people focus on the old traditional talking points we will never make progress,” Kushner said at the time, adding, “What we will put out is different.”

The PA already announced it would boycott the Bahrain economic conference, warning it is part of the US deal of the century, which aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause.