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Rights groups ask to save life of prisoner Abu Diyak

The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) has appealed to the World Health Organization (WHO) and human rights groups to urgently intervene to save the life of prisoner Sami Abu Diyak, who has suffered a serious health setback.

According to the PPS, the infirmary of the Ramla prison informed his brother Samer Abu Diyak, also a prisoner, that the health condition of Sami had become very serious and that there was a change in the color of his skin.

Prisoner Abu Diyak is a victim of Israeli medical malpractice and neglect, especially after he underwent intestinal surgery in September 2015 in Soroka Hospital and his exposure to repeated exhausting transfers aboard prison vehicles to hospitals or jails without allowing him to recuperate.

His exposure to such indifference and maltreatment has led him to suffer other health complications and problems, including cancer, renal and lung failures and blood poisoning.

The PPS held the Israeli occupation authority fully responsible for the life and fate of prisoner Sami Abu Diyak.

The PPS and other Palestinian institutions had submitted several petitions to Israeli courts asking for considering the health condition of the prisoner and giving him an early release, but to no avail.