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London to host world’s largest exhibition on Palestine

This year, London will once again host the world’s biggest exhibition on Palestine, bringing together culture, history, entertainment and exhibitions.

Organized by UK-based charity Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA), Palestine Expo aims to bring awareness to the Palestinian cause during the two-day event which is to be held on July 6-7 in the iconic Olympia Exhibition Centre.

Fifty renowned speakers, authors, scholars, campaigners and political figures are expected to take part in the event along with chefs, artists, comedians and spoken work performers.

Palestinian Members of the Israeli Knesset (parliament) Ahmad Tibi and Yousef Jabareen are among those due to attend, along with author and Israeli scholar Ilan Pappe, Palestinian activist Issa Amro, UK MP Andy Slaughter and British star of “Eastenders” John Altman.

Visitors will hear stories from Palestinians who are travelling to London especially to attend this world class event. Stalls and a shopping district are also being setup offering a range of Palestinian merchandise, art, fashion and beauty products, and the best of freshly made Palestinian food including falafel and knafeh.