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Family Unification, Entry Restrictions and other Israeli Policies of Fragmenting Palestinians

The independent Palestinian non-governmental human rights organisation based in Ramallah Al Haq published a new report

titled:”Engineering Community: Family Unification, Entry Restrictions and other Israeli Policies of Fragmenting Palestinians”.

This report broadly examines how Israel has defined belonging to mandate Palestine, and has sought to diminish Palestinian presence through an array of targeted, systematic policies and practices. A special focus will be given to the issue of family unification, as well as the barriers that foreigners, including those of Palestinian descent, face in entering and residing in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) due to Israeli policies.

While Palestinian citizens of Israel face numerous obstacles under law in regards to family unification, and are part and parcel of Israel’s historic targeting of Palestinians, and although Palestinians in Gaza and foreign national spouses therein face extreme hardships due to Israel’s prolonged closure of the area, the scope of the report has been limited to issues faced by Palestinians and foreigners in the West Bank, including Jerusalem.

However, for comparison, and to highlight the discriminatory nature of Israel’s policies, this report first examines entry, naturalization, and citizenship in Israel. Through illustrating some of the policies used in controlling the presence of foreign nationals in the OPT, the report seeks to also underscore Israel’s unjust administration as Occupying Power, which obstructs life in the OPT, creating uncertainty and instability.