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The wounded prisoner Mu’taz Abidu continues his hunger strike

Moataz Abidu, 40, from Hebron, continued his open hunger strike since 29 May, refusing his administrative detention.

The Palestinian Prisoner Club said that the detention center of the Israeli occupation forces transferred the prisoner ‘Abidu from the Negev desert detention center to the isolation of the Ohilkidar prison.

Abidu suffers from an injury sustained in 2011. He was severely injured in the intestines, nerves, paralysis of his left leg, and weakness in his right leg. At the time, he stayed at Al-Ramla clinic for about three years.

He depends on bags to spend his need, and depends on his comrades in the families in the management of his life inside the prison, after losing control and control of the parties; in contrast, the management of the occupation detainees only give him painkillers as a treatment.

The prisoners’ club pointed out that the prisoner Abido, a former prisoner, spent a total of eight years in the Israeli detention camps. The occupation re-arrested him administratively in February 2018, one of the most difficult cases in the occupation camps.