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German Resolution Against BDS Angers Palestinians

Palestinians denounced the German parliament (Bundestag) resolution to denounce the boycott, divest and sanctions movement against Israel (BDS).

On Friday, German lawmakers approved a resolution denouncing the BDS movement describing its methods as anti-Semitic and reminiscent of Nazi-era calls to boycott Jews.

The motion called on the German government not to support events organized by BDS organizations or other groups that actively pursue its aims and vowed that the parliament would not finance any projects that call for a boycott of Israel or actively support the movement.

The German motion stated that “the pattern of argument and methods of the BDS movement are anti-Semitic.”

The resolution said a BDS campaign calling for Israeli products to be labeled with “Don’t Buy” stickers.

BDS Germany denounced the decision saying the parliament’s equation of the nonviolent movement for Palestinian rights with anti-Semitism is based on outright lies.

“It’s not only anti-Palestinian McCarthyism, it is a betrayal of international law, German democracy, and the fight against real anti-Jewish racism,” it added.

This decision coincides with US policies against the Palestinian people, as the extreme right-wing government in Israel continues with its daily crimes against the people and the land, adding it is the gift of the German parliament to the occupation.

Hamas movement described the resolution as “unfortunate, disgraceful, and unprecedented in the history of human rights and freedom of expression.”

Fatah movement also denounced the resolution saying it is a blatant violation of the international laws and German democracy. It added such a motion is against the Palestinians’ right to self-determination and establish their independent state.

The movement noted that Germany was unable to abandon the historical feeling of guilt towards the Jews, however, that cannot be corrected at the expense of the Palestinian people and their rights and struggle for freedom and independence.

The Palestinian National Council also issued a statement saying the German parliament is tantamount to encouraging and supporting the “occupation, settlement, and racial discrimination” that Israel has been committing against Palestinian Authority Arabs for more than 71 years.

The Council noted that the democratic parliaments should rely on international law and international legitimacy, as well as on truth and justice, and help peoples under occupation and oppression rather than strengthen the occupation.