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Nearly 60 Palestinians wounded in ‘Catastrophe’ anniversary protests in Gaza

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Shehab (GAZA) – Israeli occupation forces wounded nearly 50 Palestinians at the Gaza border on Wednesday during protests to mark the 71st anniversary of the “Nakba”, or catastrophe, when many Palestinians lost their homes in the fighting around Israel’s creation, Gaza officials said.

Thousands had gathered at borders of the besieged Gaza Strip, the scene of bloodshed over the past year that has raised international concern.

Groups approached the border fence, planting Palestinian flags and throwing stones towards Israeli soldiers on the other side despite the efforts of marshalls in orange vests belong to the Palestinian government in Gaza “Hamas”, to keep protesters away from the barrier, witnesses said.

Israeli occupation forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets to repel them, but also live ammunition, the witnesses said.

The Gaza Health Ministry said at least 60 people were wounded, though it was not clear how many of those were hit by live ammunition or were hurt by rubber bullets or by inhaling tear gas.