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Palestine factions warn Israel is delaying implementation of ceasefire terms

Palestinian factions have warned of the consequences should Israel continue to delay implementation of the ceasefire terms, reported Haaretz.

According to the paper, “three days after the announcement of a truce between Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza, the coastal enclave is still waiting for measures that could improve the situation, and warn of the risks of continued deadlock.”

Specifically, “on Wednesday morning, Gazan fishermen reported that the sea was still closed off and that they have not been able to go to work for several days now.”

Meanwhile, “there is no official word yet as to when the Qatari money to pay Hamas bureaucrats’ salaries and aid needy families will arrive.”

During the ceasefire talks, Haaretz reported, “Palestinian factions informed Egyptian mediators that they would wait one week for the understandings to start being implemented, including immediate steps such as opening the sea and the border crossings and bringing in the Qatari money.”

“Meanwhile, everything is closed, and in Israel they’ve gone on vacation,” a Hamas political official said. “The expectation is that things will start moving this weekend. Otherwise, we’ll return to an escalation.”

On Tuesday, human rights group Gisha urged Israeli authorities to end the closure of Gaza’s crossings.

“Throughout the entire week, no vital goods entered Gaza, including those meant for humanitarian needs; traders are incurring losses due to the entry of goods being blocked; agricultural goods meant to be sold outside Gaza are going to waste; fishermen are unable to earn their livelihood; people who hold permits for humanitarian visits to relatives are unable to exit Gaza, and the same goes for patients who have appointments for medical treatments that are unattainable in Gaza.”

Meanwhile, the Great March of Return’s organising committee has said “it will call on participants to stay far from the fence to avoid injuries” during anticipated protests this Friday.

“However,” Haaretz added, “spokespeople for the Palestinian factions in Gaza stressed that their joint operations room is still operating on an emergency basis and that they are ready for any scenario, including the resumption of rocket fire into Israel.”