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Palestinian People Under Israeli Occupation : Don’t artwash Israeli crimes Madonna

Palestinian People Under Israeli Occupation sent a message to the American artist Madonna, asking her not to go to participate in Eurovision 2019 in the Israeli entity
The message came as follows:

Great singer, Madona.

The Palestinians heard with great sadness the news that you’re coming to Tel Aviv as a guest of honor for the Eurovision Festival this year.

Certainly, singing and music is the language of humanity that goes beyond all limits and barriers in the way with which humans communicate with one another. Singing and music are the best instruments for expressing love, peace and coexistence, but we are here in a special and exceptional situation.

Do you know that Israel, where the celebration will be held, and under international law occupies the land of others, oppresses them and deprives them of their basic rights of freedom, dignity and independence?

Do you know that Israel built a wall inside the occupied Palestinian territories and separated families from each other, made the lives of simple people complicated and denied them access to their land to cultivate it? Do you know that this wall is contrary to international law, in accordance with the decision of the International Court of Justice in 2004?

Do you know that 2 million Palestinians in Gaza have been besieged since 2007 in an area of no more than 350 km2, deprived of medicine, water, electricity and freedom of movement? Recently, they demonstrated peacefully to demand the lifting of the siege. Israel responded to them with live ammunition, killing 280 Palestinians and injuring more than 28,000, a large number of whom will remain for the rest of their lives disabled.

Do you know that on the day Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest last year, Israel killed some 62 innocent Palestinians on Gaza border?

Do you know that hundreds of children, women and sick people spend their years in Israeli prisons and in inhuman conditions?

Do you know that Israel deprives the Palestinians of their right to normal life, including their right to celebrate and sing? Israel erects over more than 580 military checkpoints in the West Bank roads turning the Palestinians’’ lives into hell. Many innocent people, including artists, singers and musicians, were killed, wounded or arrested at these crossings.

We, and all the lovers of justice and peace in the world appeal to you not to participate in whitening the page of the occupation and covering up its crimes, by participating in this celebration in Tel Aviv, built on the ruins of the Palestinian village Abi Moanis. It doesn’t make sense that the participants sing at the celebration, while hundreds of children, women and patients are left behind bars in the occupation prisons.

We appeal to your humanity, love for good, justice and peace for all


Palestinian People Under Israeli Occupation

Tuesday 7/5/2019