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Israel launched 150 raids on Gaza

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) launched 150 raids on Gaza Strip over the past 24 hours killing seven Palestinians including a pregnant woman and her baby child and wounding 50 others while inflicting vast destruction.

The Palestinian government media office said in a statement on Sunday that the IOF launched air raids and fired artillery shells at the besieged enclave that destroyed 200 civilian facilities and infrastructure.

It explained that seven buildings were flattened while four others were targeted in missile strikes, adding that hundreds of other houses were partially damaged due to the attacks.

The statement pointed out that a mosque was targeted by Israeli warplanes in Shati refugee camp in western Gaza City while four workshops were bombed to the east of the city.

The raids also targeted fishermen piers in Rafah, Gaza, and Khan Younis in addition to 21 training camps and 17 resistance watchtowers, it said.

The statement pointed out that schools, cars, cultivated land lots, greenhouses, and medical service vehicles were damaged in the vicious attacks.