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OK lads – it’s hammer time – Chinese Heavy Flange Forging

Saturday Cinema – in with a bang.. one reason why Chinese equivalents are a lot cheaper than most of their western counterparts….one thing noticeable is the half-hearted approach to cleaning and removing the scale from the work area. The scale can and does affect the overall quality of the metal if not removed regularly throughout the process. Western shops usually employ high-pressure air hoses to blow it away or water jets to remove it. There’s a possibility the machining of the finished piece and milling of the gear ring will remove any affected metal but it’s still not too good and lends rise to the theory Chinese steel products are often inferior to those made in the west. Health and safety would have a field day here….but having said that, it’s a cheaper alternative – and appears to work. The well-practiced teamwork among the workers is interesting to watch…especially how they center-up certain punches with each worker making minor corrections to center-up the punch as he sees fit…