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Camera man dies after a firework hits him in the head

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Traditional “fiery” festivities on the occasion of Easter in the south-west of the Peloponnese ended with the death of a cameraman filming the action, reports the publication “Wima”. The last minute of his life, 53-year-old Kostas Theodorakakis videotaped.

The tragedy occurred on the evening of April 28 in the Greek city of Kalamata, when many spectators gathered in the streets of the city, wishing to watch the “fireworks war”. This custom, as the legends say, goes back to the time of the struggle of the Greeks for liberation from Turkish domination, but experts note that, most likely, this tradition originated during the times of the first Christian communities, because “dancing with fire” takes place on Easter week.

During the next performance, a fragment of an improvised firework struck the asphalt and flew off to the side, hitting Theodorakakis in the head, who was conducting a live broadcast. The victim was quickly loaded into the ambulance but died on the way to the hospital. The deceased left a wife and two sons.

The mayor of Kalamata promised to sort out what happened, but he refused to forbid the “fiery” speeches that attract many tourists to the city. According to him, next year at the event security measures will be strengthened.