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17th Palestinian Conference in Europe opens in Copenhagen

The 17th Palestinians in Europe Conference has started on Saturday under the slogan “With unity and steadfastness, we shall return” in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Thousands of Palestinians and guests have been flocking since yesterday to the Danish city to participate in the conference.

Noted Palestinian figures as well as Arab and foreign activists and dignitaries are participating in the conference, which was organized for the first time in 2003 in London.

During a reception ceremony held for the participating guests, chairman of the conference Majed al-Zeer said the annual holding of the conference in Europe was an important message to the world leaders that the Palestinians want nothing but their right to return to their homeland and homes.

Zeer also described the conference as an important event to respond to attempts led by the Israeli occupation and its supporters to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

“No force on earth can change the history and geography [of Palestine] as long as the Palestinian people are united and adherent to their inalienable right to their land,” he said.

“We are Palestinians first and European citizens, and we are adherent to our right to return to our land and will not accept a substitute for it. This a right protected by all laws and this is what we need the free world to hear from us,” he added.