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In video – Israel punitively blows up family home of killed Palestinian

Israeli forces punitively blew up the family home of 19-year-old killed Palestinian Omar Abu Leila, who carried out a stabbing and shooting attack near the illegal Israeli settlement of Ariel, in the northern West Bank district of Salfit, on Wednesday.

Local sources confirmed that dozens of heavily armed Isareli forces and several bulldozers raided the al-Zawiya town in the Salfit district.

Clashes erupted among Palestinians and Israeli forces who surrounded the home, as a number of activists and supporters had gathered for a vigil to prevent the demolition of the family’s home.

Israeli forces assaulted journalists present in the area and suppressed them using tear-gas bombs and stun grenades.

Sources said that Israeli forces forced the family to evacuate the home and placed several explosives inside.

The complete demolition of the two-storey home took more than six hours.

Israeli forces had raided Abu Leila’s home earlier last week, took footage and measurements of the property, in preparation to carry out the demolition.

The family had received a demolition order on March 26th, less than a week after Israeli soldiers shot and killed Abu Leila.

Israel always demolishes family homes of Palestinians, who were involved in attacking Israelis as part of its collective punishment policy against the Palestinian people.

Israel has come under harsh condemnation over the past several years for its response to attacks committed by Palestinians on Israelis, which rights groups have said amounted to “collective punishment” on family members and entire communities in a clear violation of international law.