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Health condition of Israa Ja’abis getting worse

The Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission on Monday said that the injuries of the Palestinian prisoner Israa Ja’abis are exacerbating due to deliberate medical neglect.

The commission said that Ja’abis is suffering from severe burns and her body needs special kinds of fabrics and covers that should be changed regularly.

The commission affirmed that Ja’abis, who is in need of more than 8 urgent surgeries, is suffering greatly both physically and psychologically, and that the Israeli Prison Service deliberately neglects her demands and complaints.

It stressed that Ja’abis is subjected to systematic medical neglect and left to face her pain alone, holding Israel responsible for her life and calling for immediate medical intervention to alleviate her suffering.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested Israa Ja’abis, 35, in 2015 after she was severely injured when a gas cylinder used in cooking exploded in the back seat of her car a few meters away from an Israeli military checkpoint.

Ja’abis was detained and transferred to Israeli jails without receiving proper treatment despite the fact that 60% of her body was burned.

An Israeli court accused her of attempting to kill Israeli soldiers and sentenced her to 11 years in prison.