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In video – Sri Lanka Easter bombings: At least 160 killed, hundreds injured

Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo was struck by a series of bombings on churches and hotels that killed at least 160 people and injured over 400 others on Easter Sunday.

Most of the victims were killed in three churches, where Christian worshipers were attending Easter Sunday services, while three other bombings struck luxury hotels, the Cinnamon Grand, Kingsbury and Shangri-La, located in the heart of Colombo City, killing at least 35 foreigners.

The other bombing occurred at a hotel near the national zoo in the center of Colombo, killing at least two people, and in the Orugodawatta suburb in the north of the city, another bomb was detonated.

The first bombing was reported in a church located in the city. The other blasts followed within thirty minutes.

Sri Lanka’s police spokesperson, Ruwan Gunasekera, said that the injured were being evacuated while security forces sealed off the areas and commenced search operations.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe convened Sri Lanka’s top military officials at an emergency meeting of the National Security Council following the bombings and called for an emergency convening of the nation’s parliament on Monday.

In addition, Sri Lanka’s Defense Ministry ordered a night-time curfew across the country and blocked access to a number of social media websites and applications.

Watch the video below: