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About 10 Palestinians abducted in Israeli forces West Bank raids

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped ten Palestinian citizens in a number of West Bank refugee camps and cities at dawn Monday.

An IOF statement said that ten Palestinians were rounded up in the West Bank for engagement in anti-occupation activities.

The PIC reporter said that IOF soldiers arrested two Palestinians in Jenin refugee camp, one of whom is the son of a prisoner serving a life sentence in Israeli jails.

Local sources in Tulkarem told the PIC reporter that IOF soldiers broke into the house of MP Fatehi al-Qarawi in Nur Shams refugee camp and detained his son Yazan after wreaking havoc on the house.

Two other brothers of Yazan were nabbed in the same raid after raiding their family homes in the camp.

Local sources in Qalqilia told the PIC reporter in the city that Israeli soldiers broke into the homes of two young men before arresting them.

Large-scale confrontations took place in the city as the soldiers fired teargas at the protesters causing suffocation among many of them.