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Palestinian child succumbs to IOF-inflicted wounds

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) informed the Palestinian liaison office on Sunday evening that a Palestinian child who was critically wounded by IOF soldiers while trying to infiltrate into 1948 occupied Palestine had succumbed to his wounds.

A local source in Rafah in southern Gaza Strip, the hometown of the boy, said that 16-year-old Isahaq Eshteiwi had died of his serious injuries sustained more than ten days ago while trying to cross the Gaza border line.

Hebrew media had then said that three Palestinians were arrested after being shot at while trying to cross the Gaza border and that one of them was fatally wounded.

Two of the detained three were later released and the fate of the third remained unknown until the announcement of his death on Sunday night. They were all children.

The IOF is detaining the bodies of 12 Palestinians, including that of Eshteiwi, who were all killed near the Gaza border since the start of the Great March of Return on March 30 last year.