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Mass hunger strike in Israeli jails continues for sixth day running

Scores of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails have entered day 6 of the open-ended hunger strike, which was dubbed “al-Karama (dignity) 2,” amid Israeli attempts to make them end their strike.

More prisoners joined the hunger strike on April 10, which raised the number of hunger strikers to over 400.

Other prisoners are expected to participate in the hunger strike in the coming days, especially on April 17.

Leaders of the prisoners last Monday announced the failure of their talks with Israeli jailers after their demands were rejected, especially with regard to using phones.

The hunger strikers have several demands. One of them is to allow the prisoners to regularly communicate with their families through providing their jails with telephone services, which are available in prisons where Israeli criminals and killers are held.

The hunger strikers also demand the Israeli prison service to remove the cancer-causing cellphone jammers inside jails and to allow all prisoners, including those from Hamas in Gaza, to receive visits from their families.

Another demand call for revoking all the new and old punitive measures against the Palestinian prisoners and improving the incarceration conditions of Palestinian women and children detained in Israeli jails.

They also ask, among other things, for an end to the medical neglect policy and isolation of prisoners.