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PA And President Abbas Gave Me My Son’s Lifeless Body On Mother’s Day

Palestine – Days of Palestine

The mother of the victim, Mahmoud Rashad al-Hamlawi, 32, described the details of the torture and execution of her  son at the hands of  the Palestinian Authority under the control of Mahmoud Abbas’s  prisons in Ramallah.

Al-Hamdawi’s mother said her son left the Gaza Strip to the occupied West Bank to seek a living.

According to the victim’s family, five people attacked his apartment on March 14, kidnapped him under beatings and took him to prison.

The family accused Abbas’s Palestinian Authority and the police of being behind the killing of their son under torture in its prisons.

Meanwhile, a group of “human rights organizations” condemned the crime of torture and murder of young Mahmoud al-Hamlawi by members of the Preventive Security forces before he was handed over to Bitounia prison in Ramallah in a critical health condition that led to his death last Wednesday.