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Ismail Haniyeh, senior political leader of Hamas, attends a rally at the anniversary march of the "Great March of Return" and "Palestinian Land Day" protests at Israel-Gaza border on March 30, 2019 Motasem Dalloul

Hamas awaits timeframe for implementation of Israel pledges towards Gaza

Hamas said that it has been waiting for timeframe for the implementation of the Israeli pledges towards Gaza, spokesman Adul-Latif Al-Qanou said yesterday.

“We are waiting for a timetable to implement the ceasefire understandings with the Israeli occupation,” Al-Qanou said in a press release.

He added that new humanitarian projects would be set up and various measures to ease the Israeli siege on Gaza were due to take place in the near future.

In addition, he said: “These measures are related to Gaza’s electricity crisis, expansion of fishing zone, job creation projects for graduates and youth, freedom of movement, entry of the so-called good of ‘dual-use’, infrastructure projects into the besieged enclave.”


The Hamas spokesperson added that if the Israeli occupation refused to abide by the ceasefire understandings, the Palestinian people would continue their popular and peaceful protests east of Gaza.

“Hamas, along with the Palestinian factions, is determined to make the Israeli occupation adhere to the understandings brokered by Egypt,” Al-Qanou continued.

He saluted all the Palestinian people for taking part in Saturday’s protests which marked one year since the launch of the Great March of Return and the 43rd anniversary of Palestine’s Land Day.