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Women in Damon jail suffer from bad prison conditions

The Palestinian Commission of Detainees’ and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs has said that the Palestinian women being held in Damon jails suffer from harsh incarceration conditions, while the prison administration refuses to respond to their demands.

According to the Commission whose lawyer visited the prisoners in the jail, “the Damon jail, which is described as “dilapidated,” lacks the minimum human life conditions and the atmosphere in its wings is smelly and extremely humid.

The female prisoners also have to take showers outside their cells in a situation that violate their privacy, while the time they spend in the shower area are considered part of the leisure time they spend outside their rooms.

The Demon jail’s cells contain old and rusty cabinets and have no chairs and kitchens, while the bathrooms have no doors. The prisoners are also deprived of having books and sewing kits.

In addition, the prisoners have complained of the faulty electrical supply in the prison and the slippery surface of the prison yard.

However, the jailers refuse to transfer the prisoners to Sharon prison where the incarceration conditions are better than in Damon jail, according to the Commission.