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Palestinian youth looking through the metal wires after being arrested by Israel forces [File photo]

Some 220 Palestinian children in ‘inhumane’ Israel jails

There are 220 Palestinian minors in Israeli jails, including eight girls, Director of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club (PPC) Qaddoura Fares said yesterday.

Israeli raids to detain Palestinian children are carried out on a daily basis, Fares explained, and the minors are subjected to severe torture by Israeli occupation forces and interrogators.

In addition, he stressed that the Palestinian children suffer “harsh and inhumane conditions” in Israeli jails.

“Prisons, where the Palestinian children are detained, lack the international criteria for children and prisoners’ rights,” Fares said.

He added: “They suffer from lack of proper food, hygiene, ventilation and lighting, as well as from pest infestations, congestion and a lack of medical treatment. They also suffer from a lack of proper clothing.”

“They are completely cut off from the outside world, have no family visitation, no social workers and are detained with old prisoners. Israeli criminals who beat them and sexually abuse them.”