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Hamas holds Israeli gov’t responsible for lives of Negev prisoners

The Hamas Movement has held the Israeli occupation government fully responsible for the lives and safety of Palestinian prisoners in the Negev jail after many of them suffered injuries in attacks by soldiers.

“The recent events taking place in jails have been caused by the [Israeli] prison service’s intransigence and its refusal to respond to the just demands of the prisoners, who were forced to take fateful steps in order to protect their rights,” member of Hamas’s political bureau Mousa Dudeen stated in a press release on Sunday.

Dudeen warned that the Israeli occupation state would pay dearly for its persistent crimes against the prisoners, calling on the Palestinian masses to support the prisoners.

He urged the local and international media outlets to highlight Israel’s recent escalation of its aggressive practices against the Palestinian prisoners.

On Sunday evening, a Palestinian prisoner was able to stab two soldiers in the Negev jail after Israeli prison forces stormed cells and attacked him and many other inmates.