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2 Palestinians arrested in protests against home demolition

The Palestinian citizens of Qalansuwa in the 1948 occupied Palestinian territories on Sunday closed the main entrance to their city in protest at the stepped up home demolition policy pursued against them by Israel.

Arab 48 said that the Israeli police forces deployed in large numbers around the city and arrested two protesters: Hasan Kamal and Diaa Tayeh for “disturbing public order”.

The demonstrators raised banners and chanted slogans calling for an end to the arbitrary demolition of Palestinian homes in Qalansuwa, and threatened to escalate their protests which started two months ago.

Israel has lately ordered the demolition of three Palestinian houses in the city owned by Mohammed Odeh, Ismail Wawiya, and Abdul-Hakim Hammouda.

The demolition order was frozen last week. A final decision is scheduled to be issued on 3 April.