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Dalal al-Maghraby: 40 years captive behind the walls of the shroud

On Monday, the 40th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Palestinian resistance Dalal al-Maghrabi.

She was born in 1958 in a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut. She is the daughter of a family from the city of Jaffa who came to Lebanon after the 1948 Nakba.

As for her basic and preparatory education, Dalal received her education at UNRWA schools in the camp, as did other Palestinian refugees, until she grew up and became more determined to join the ranks of the Palestinian revolution and work among Fatah fighters. In the Fatah movement. From military courses and various courses in the nature of the guerrilla war and the Shi’a, during which she trained on different types of weapons. During these courses, she was known for her courage, courage, sense and patriotism, her devotion to Palestine and the Fatah movement.

The assassination of the three Fatah leaders, Kamal Adwan, Kamal Nasser and Abu Yousef al-Najjar at the hands of the Israelis in 1973, had a bad effect on Dalal, especially in light of the suffering and the continuing and exhausting attacks on the Palestinians. Camps against population and people. She is dissatisfied with the life of humiliation and humiliation, and further complicates her family’s misery, such as the blackness of camp residents in the diaspora, as a result of forced migration that would not have happened. Of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the forced displacement of indigenous people and replaced the Jews instead of the Palestinians.

Deir Yassin, the plan was laid by the martyr Khalil Abu al-Wazir (Abu Jihad), and was based on the landing on the Palestinian coast and control of a military bus and go to Tel Aviv “Tel Aviv” to attack the Knesset building, where the Palestinian guerrillas to participate in and Their head was Dalal al-Maghrabi, who was then 20 years old.

And was chosen to head the group that will carry out the operation, which consists of ten fedayeen. The operation was known as Kamal Adwan and Deir Yassin Brigades.

On the morning of 11/3/1978 Dalal came down with her group from a boat that was passing by the Palestinian coast. The group gained two boats, and the landing and arrival process succeeded, without the Israelis being able to discover their lack of proper assessment of the Palestinians’ daring.

Dalal and her team managed to reach Tel Aviv and took the bus with all its passengers. As the soldiers continued to clash with other Israeli elements outside the bus, hundreds of Israelis were killed and wounded. In light of the heavy losses, a special army team led by Ehud Barak stopped the bus and killed its passengers and arrested them. Aircraft and tanks were used to prevent the Fedayeen. This led Dalal al-Maghribi to blow up the bus and its passengers, killing Israeli soldiers. The guerrillas cited machine guns.

When the ammunition was finished, Park ordered all the gangs to be harvested with automatic weapons, all of whom were martyred.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli occupation authorities are still holding the body of Dalal al-Maghrabi in the “graves of numbers” within the framework of the occupation policy, which aims to obliterate the identity of martyrs and national symbols.