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Israeli soldiers keep watch as a bulldozer demolishes a house belonging to a Palestinian resident in east Jerusalem on Feb. 13. Israel said the home was built without a permit.

Israeli army razes poultry house, uproots trees north of Hebron

The Israeli occupation army on Sunday demolished a poultry house and uprooted dozens of trees near al-Arroub refugee camp, north of al-Khalil.

Local activist Mohamed Awad said that Israeli bulldozers escorted by employees and soldiers from the Israeli army’s civil administration removed a poultry house and uprooted dozens of fruitful trees in Abu Suda area near al-Arroub camp.

Awad added that the poultry house, which was built on 600 square meters of land, belonged to a local resident called Khaled as-Samaheen.

Three years ago, the Israeli army had demolished a poultry house on the same land.