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Palestinian wins legal battle over his land in Beit Jala

A Palestinian citizen has managed to extract an Israeli court decision confirming his ownership of his land in Beit Jala town, west of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank.

Local official Hasan Berijiya stated on Wednesday that the landowner, Ramzi Qaisiya, had  been fighting a legal battle over the ownership of his land in al-Makhrur area of Beit Jala against an Israeli company for about 10 years.

However, Qaisiya, who owns documents proving his ownership of the property, was able finally to obtain a court verdict asserting that he is the rightful owner of the land, Berijiya added.

According to Berijiya, Qaisiya has suffered a lot from repeated assaults by Israeli soldiers and settlers, and his restaurant, which he built on his own land, was demolished several times at the pretext that the land belonged to an Israeli company.