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Dramatic video: Driver narrowly avoids hitting boy as he runs across road



Video footage has emerged of a young boy’s perilous attempt to cross a busy road which looked destined to end in tragedy but for a quick-witted driver’s last-second swerve.

The incident took place on a street in the Chechen town of Kurchaloy, about 45 km east of Grozny.

In the video, the little boy can be seen gingerly entering the road and then making a dash for it when he sees that there’s no traffic coming from his right-hand side.

However, the camera captured a black sedan barrelling towards him at an alarming speed from the left.

When he finally turns his head the young boy’s life surely flashed before his eyes as there’s nothing he can do to get out of the way of the vehicle. His little legs give away as he struggles to sidestep his impending death.

Thankfully there was a sharp driver behind the wheel who manages to dramatically swerve out of the way by mounting the curb. The blessed boy quickly gets up and dusts himself off having barely suffered a scratch.

He is then embraced by two adults who saw just how fortunate he had been.