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Egypt releases four Palestinian kidnapped young men

On Thursday evening, the Egyptian authorities released eight Palestinian detainees, four of whom were arrested three and a half years ago while traveling in an official manner through the Rafah crossing.

According to Shehab, the four young men: Yasir Zanoun, Hussein al-Zubda, Abdullah Abu al-Jubain and Abdel-Daim Abu Libdeh. The four young men released after being kidnapped for about three and a half years following understandings between Hamas and the Egyptian authorities.

The understandings resulted of releasing  four other Palestinians who were kidapped by the Egyptian authorities for varying periods of time: Wassim Abu Jalila, Abdul Rahman Mustafa, Salem Sheikh Al Eid and Abdul Aziz Abu Khattla.

The head of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” Ismail Haniyeh, expressed deep thanks to the Egyptian leadership for its decision to release the four young men in Egypt, stressing that this reflects the depth of the relationship between the two brotherly peoples.

Haniyeh said this morning that the results of his recent talks in Cairo with Egyptian officials on the issue of the four missing persons in Egypt were “the most important.”

Haniyeh and his entourage arrived in the Gaza Strip Wednesday night after a long visit to Cairo, which lasted for 24 days.

The four young men were arrested on Wednesday, 19 August 2015, at a relatively close distance from the Rafah crossing on the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula during their travel.

The first appearance of the detainees on the evening of the twenty-second of August 2016, Al-Jazeera broadcast a picture obtained by the families of the four abductees showing two of their children inside a security headquarters in Cairo, and the kidnappers appearing in the picture are Yasser Zanoun and Abdel-Dayem Abu Libdeh.