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Egypt: Dozens killed in crash and fire at Cairo train station

At least 28 people have been killed and 50 injured after a train smashed into a barrier at Cairo’s main train station, state television and witnesses have said.

Photographs on social media showed clouds of black smoke billowing from the building in central Cairo.

Footage also showed fire engulfing the train and a nearby platform and people rushing to help the injured.

Ambulances and rescue teams have been dispatched to the site, medical sources said.

Egypt’s National Railway Authority confirmed the accident, saying several people were killed and injured.

In a statement, the authority said the fire broke out after a train derailed and collided with a concrete barrier at the station, without giving further details.

Security sources told the Reuters news agency that there was no indication the crash was deliberate.

Egypt has one of the oldest and largest rail networks in the region and accidents causing casualties have been common.

Egyptians have long complained that the government has failed to deal with chronic transport problems in the country, where roads are as poorly maintained as railway lines.

The official statistics agency says there were 1,793 train accidents in 2017.