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Israel court approves administrative detention of 13 Palestinians

The Israeli Military Court of Ofer today approved administrative detention orders issued against 13 Palestinian prisoners.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said in a statement that the court issued six-month orders against prisoners: Wa’el Ribai, Nour Eldin Ahmed, Ismail Ali, Hisham Abu Saleh, Kayed Namoura, Hassan Al-Zaghari, Rabhi Shahwan, Ali Abu Attiya And Salah Badwan.

The court also called for the administrative detention of Khalid Dadaou, Abdel Latif Mohamed Haj, Mohamed Awad and Saleh Abdel Harimi.

Administrative detention sees Palestinian held without charge or trial for renewal period of up to six months. According to Israeli military orders, the order can be renewed indefinitely.

Israeli occupation authorities hold 500 administrative prisoners in their various prisons.

The number of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in the occupation’s jails until 31 January about 5,700, including 230 children.