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Israel releases two Palestinian teens to house arrest

Israeli authorities released two Palestinian teens, on Saturday, to house arrest for one week and fined them 5,000 shekels ($1,385) each.

According to local sources, the two teens, Abed Mahmoud Odeh and Muhammad Mahdi al-Shaludi, both aged 14 years old, were released to house arrest by an Israeli decision.

Sources pointed out that Israeli forces detained Abed and Muhammad, on late Friday, from in front of their homes in the Silwan neighborhood, in occupied East Jerusalem, however, the reason for their detention remained unknown.

Prisoners’ rights group the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society reported that Israeli prisons had also been issuing fines for the minor infractions without legal basis.

While fines appear relatively small for minor infractions, between 300-800 NIS ($80-$200), payments cause financial hardships on the prisoners and their families, and prison time is extended if the fines are not paid.