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IOF soldiers object the restrictions on firing on Gazan protesters

The commanders and soldiers currently working on the Gaza Strip border strongly criticize the policies and regulations for firing at Palestinian demonstrators along the border at the separation fence.

A commander in the Paratroopers Brigade said: “When we ask the commanders above us why we are told that there is a new assessment of the situation and these guidelines should be observed – in some cases the battalion commander’s consent should be taken in the sniping operations.

There is also similar criticism among the armored forces. One of the commanders explained that at the beginning of the activities on the Gaza border, the instructions were in the past to respond immediately if a soldier or any similar incident was hit and the Hamas control posts were bombed. Leaders to open fire as happened on Sunday after the wounded soldier of the brigade of Nahal wounded by an explosive device.

Soldiers say that since the sniper fire that hit the officer’s helmet and hit his head they feel that the Palestinians are coming to the fence with more courage, courage and confidence as the Israeli army did not respond with great force to the incident.