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Full-armed Israeli officers, fanatic settlers break into Aqsa Mosque

Dozens of heavily-armed Israeli occupation forces and extremist settlers stormed on Tuesday morning Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque—the third holiest site in Islam—and gathered in hordes at al-Rahma Gate.

Media chief at the Islamic Awqaf Department, Firas al-Dabes, said Israeli police unlocked the gate outside of Bab al-Rahma building and closed off the area.

Al-Dabes added that the Israeli police ruled that a number of Palestinians detained in Monday clashes at the site be banned from al-Aqsa Mosque for periods of up to two weeks.

On Monday, Muslim worshipers smashed the iron locks and chains stealthily set up by Israeli police overnight at al-Rahma Gate. Israeli cops violently attacked the Muslim worshipers and arrested a number of them along with a woman from the Awqaf Maps Department.

Raed D’ana, the imam of Beit Hanina Mosque, north of occupied Jerusalem, has, meanwhile, been held in Israeli custody since noontime on Monday. He was arrested on his way out of Bab al-Amoud.